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Need to change 'idProperty' used in grid

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Issue Description

I use Slickgrid very powerfully. I think many functions are working normally and are grid with good performance such as rendering speed. But there’s one problem that’s been bothering me for a very long time. The value of idProperty used in the grid is id. I don’t think it’s just me. Let me give you an example that I use.

스크린샷 2019-03-28 오전 12 24 49

I’m using a grid in a kind of database tool and I’m using it to express the results of SQL.

I ran a very simple SQL(select "id", 1, 1, 1;).

스크린샷 2019-03-28 오전 12 23 31

Reproduce situations where problems can occur.

SQL that can cause grid errors

select "id", 1, 1, 1 union select "id", 2, 2, 2 union select "id", 3, 3, 3

스크린샷 2019-03-28 오전 12 23 04

I have given a simple example, but I actually think that the primary key of several tables can be ‘id’.

What I want to say here is simple.

Q1. @6pac Is it possible to change the value of ‘idProperty’ to a value that will not overlap?

Currently, I am using the value by changing it directly. That made it difficult for me to use the plugins. Help me. 😃

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

6paccommented, Mar 27, 2019

Yep, agree with @ghiscoding, looks like setItems is the way to change the idProperty. I don’t think a PR is needed, since you’re always going to be using setItems at some point to initialise the data.

ghiscodingcommented, Mar 27, 2019

use setItems(dataset, objectIdProperty) like shown in this line, that is when you create the DataView instance and you pass it the dataview. The objectIdProperty is really how to override the id and it’s optional, so if you don’t pass it, then it will use id. So unless I misunderstood, that is the way to go

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