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Cannot read property 'xAxes' of undefined [react-chartjs-2]

See original GitHub issue

I’m trying to integrate this plugin into <Line> component. Here is my integration code.

import { Line } from 'react-chartjs-2';
import 'chartjs-plugin-crosshair';


const options = {
      responsive: true,
      crosshair: {
        line: {
          color: '#F66',  // crosshair line color
          width: 1        // crosshair line width
        sync: {
          enabled: true,            // enable trace line syncing with other charts
          group: 1,                 // chart group
          suppressTooltips: false   // suppress tooltips when showing a synced tracer
        zoom: {
          enabled: true,                                      // enable zooming
          zoomboxBackgroundColor: 'rgba(66,133,244,0.2)',     // background color of zoom box 
          zoomboxBorderColor: '#48F',                         // border color of zoom box
          zoomButtonText: 'Reset Zoom',                       // reset zoom button text
          zoomButtonClass: 'reset-zoom',                      // reset zoom button class
        callbacks: {
          beforeZoom: function(start, end) {                  // called before zoom, return false to prevent zoom
            return true;
          afterZoom: function(start, end) {                   // called after zoom


render() {
  return (
      <Line data={myData}  options={options} />

How do I make this plugin know react-chartjs-2?

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5

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yoloOnTheBattlefieldcommented, Apr 17, 2019

I have the same problem

kaungmyatlwincommented, Apr 29, 2020

@aidenappl I have a “hacky” solution if you like to see, but I don’t know if it is feasible for your use case.

Have a look at it here ->

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