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Route not found despite direct channel

See original GitHub issue

When trying to pay an invoice, I get route not found error.

I was connected to a well connected node I got the error. So I decide to close all my channels and open a channel directly with the payee.

After doing so, waiting for channel to appear as NORMAL and waiting for the ln map syncing to happen, I tried the payment again and got route not found again.

I doubled checked and indeed, the invoice is for the node I have a channel opened to!

I expect the payment to work.

The issue happens systematically.

Trying to make a payment to Globee:

Android Eclair, version 0.4.4

Here are the relevant logs:

2019-04-11 18:15:23,227 INFO  f.a.e.w.a.SendPaymentActivity  - initializing payment with invoice=lnbc16464u1pw2aaklpp50hn6sxqkj2l6nle6u906nczzqkpu4p4yqe47xuumnt335r5dkvwsdq2gakx7sn9v5cqzysxqzuygnw6m7dz9xmqzz5uhz2urx73jqd5cac62x5u0heuypgn2dpx6pc3vtdapqd5aqte7y6w9t8wc6azvphmfcjhvwc2cnncdf73pmwpengqdde45v
2019-04-11 18:15:24,790 INFO  f.a.eclair.wallet.App  - (lightning) sending 1646400000 msat for invoice PaymentRequest(lnbc,Some(MilliSatoshi(1646400000)),1554970335,022c699df736064b51a33017abfc4d577d133f7124ac117d3d9f9633b6297a3b6a,List(PaymentHash(7de7a8181692bfa9ff3ae15fa9e0420583ca86a4066be3739b9ae31a0e8db31d), Description(GloBee), MinFinalCltvExpiry(BitVector(10 bits, 0x240)), Expiry(BitVector(10 bits, 0xe10))),ByteVector(65 bytes, 0x44ddadf9a229b6010a9cb895c19bd1901b4c771a51a9c7df3c2051353426d071162dbd081b4e8179f134e2aceec6ba2606fb4e25763b0ac4e786a7d10edc1ccd00))
2019-04-11 18:15:24,815 INFO  f.a.eclair.router.Router  - finding a route 030909c76597132e4bb8e473bd98709c94414e4413259980cc0e088900195e311e->022c699df736064b51a33017abfc4d577d133f7124ac117d3d9f9633b6297a3b6a with assistedChannels= ignoreNodes= ignoreChannels= excludedChannels=
2019-04-11 18:15:24,816 INFO  f.a.eclair.router.Router  - finding a route with randomize=true params=RouteParams(true,21000,0.03,4,1008,Some(WeightRatios(0.15,0.35,0.5)))
2019-04-11 18:15:29,354 ERROR f.a.e.b.e.ElectrumClient  - sent error=Error(0,unsupported client: 3.3.4) while processing request=ServerVersion(3.3.4,1.4), disconnecting

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:17 (8 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

t-bastcommented, Aug 22, 2019

We fixed a routing issue in #1090 that was likely the reason why your payments were failing. I’m closing this issue, if you still experience payment failures feel free to re-open!

araspitzucommented, Jun 26, 2019

@kravens According to your description it seems to be a bug, the desktop eclair should be able to receive over the direct channel with the phone. I will try to reproduce it but i’m afraid it depends on some other circumstances that are not listed in your description, please attach any other log (from mobile) or information that might be useful for debugging.

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