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POST, PATCH, and other methods not supported?

See original GitHub issue

Hi there,

I’ve got a standard API that parses correctly in, and their mock server returns a 200, but drakov seems to always return “404: Cannot PATCH /groups/…”

Do non-GET requests need any special treatment? I’m using the example JS code in, and haven’t been able to get a valid response all day. Here’s the API:


# Group Users & Groups
## Group object [/groups/{id}]

+ Parameters
    + id (string, required)
        Group ID.

### Get group [GET]

+ Response 200 (application/json)

    + Attributes
        + data (GROUP)

+ Response 400 (application/json)

    + Attributes (ERROR)

+ Response 404 (application/json)

### Modify group [PATCH]

+ Request (application/json)

                "data": {
                    "id": "acme",
                    "type": "group",
                    "attributes": {
                        "contact_emails": [

+ Response 200 (application/json)

    + Attributes
        + data (GROUP)

+ Response 400 (application/json)

    + Attributes (ERROR)


+ id: acme (string, required)
+ type: group (string, required)
+ attributes
    + organization: Acme (string, required)
    + organization_legal_name: Acme Inc. (string, required)
    + country_iso: us (string, required)
    + contact_emails:, (array[string], required)
+ relationships
    + apikey
        + id: 57a24c23d0f49e1f13970f28a7a351b92f33b48c009dfefdaf2ce11140b2d456 (string, required)
        + type: apikey (string, required)
    + subscription
        + id: acme (string, required)
        + type: subscription (string, required)
    + administrators (array)
        + (object)
            + id: wcoyote
            + type: user
        + (object)
            + id: rrunner
            + type: user

And the CURL command:

curl --include \
     --request PATCH \
     --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
     --data-binary "    {
        \"data\": {
            \"id\": \"acme\",
            \"type\": \"group\",
            \"attributes\": {
                \"contact_emails\": [
    }   " \

And this is the code I’m using to run drakov (from a gulpfile.js):

var gulp = require('gulp');
var express = require('express');
var drakov = require('drakov');

gulp.task('drakov', function() {
  var argv = {
    sourceFiles: './api/apiary.apib',
    serverPort: 5000,
    autoOptions: true,
    method: ['PATCH', 'POST', 'PUT', 'DELETE', 'OPTIONS']
  var app = express();
  drakov.middleware.init(app, argv, (err, middleWareFunction) => {
    app.use('/api/v3', middleWareFunction);

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  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:8 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

yakovkhalinskycommented, Feb 9, 2017

An update for everyone watching this issue.

This is now under active investigation and I am hoping to have a fix/update in the next couple of weeks 👍

senyor-developercommented, Jun 13, 2017

@yakovkhalinsky any updates on your “active” investigation 😃 ?

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