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Responses being aggressively cached, preventing mutation operations

See original GitHub issue

I’m seeing unexpected mutation behavior when attempting to use the simple example schema from the README. I have this in GraphQL playground:

mutation {
  createMovie(input: {
    title: "Test"
  }) {

First execution worked as expected. Arango shows a new document and the GraphQL response shows the newly generated document ID.

However, attempts to run the same query a second time do NOTHING. I’ve refreshed the GraphQL playground and run again. The server console shows nothing at all.

Even worse, I removed the original document from the Arango admin and tried again. This time the Playground responded as if it had created the document, returning the same ID as before. I then went into Arango and checked. The document does NOT exist.

Is cruddl attempting to keep some type of in-memory cache that is out of sync with Arango?

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Yogucommented, Sep 13, 2019

I just released 1.1.0-alpha.1, you can give it a try 😃

Yogucommented, Sep 13, 2019

Sorry for all the trouble.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re suggesting the workaround is implemented on the client side.

No, it’s not a client-side fix in the sense of a HTTP client. I thought you might have exactly the same problem as described in #82, where someone used ApolloClient on the server. If you don’t do that, then your situation is a bit different.

I just switched from graphql-yoga to apollo-server in cruddl and could reproduce your problem. It occurs because apparently ApolloServer caches the parsing result of the GraphQL query.

It’s not a caching feature in cruddl I could disable (cruddl has no caching feature). I was talking about he “feature” that one GraphQL query is always translated to one ArangoDB transaction. I don’t really want to disable that because it breaks important guarantees.

Instead, I’m going to three things:

  • I’ll add the optional property ProjectOptions.getOperationIdentifier. It allows you to generate a token object that can be used to unique define an operation. If you e.g. know that each request gets executed with a fresh context object, you can just return the context object as “operation identifier”.
  • If this property is not specified, operations with only one top-level field will still work out of the box.
  • I’ll switch from graphql-yoga to ApolloServer in the example and configure it properly to use the context as operation identifier.

I’ll release an alpha version of cruddl when I implemented this so you can test.

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