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Tutorial 01 Intro: Add note regarding bracket style in Hypertext 101 section

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First, thanks for a great tutorial. Very helpful! However, I got stuck for a long while on the correct syntax for the text node in <div class="saucer">Greetings</div>.

Aside from this HTML to Hyperscript converter, I haven’t found any documentation that yields the correct solution. According to the hyperscript documentation tested in the interactive demo, all of the following should work:

  h('div.landscape', [h('div.saucer', ['Greetings'])]),
  h('div.landscape', h('div.saucer', ['Greetings'])),
  h('div.landscape', h('div.saucer', 'Greetings')))


  <div class="landscape"><div class="saucer">Greetings</div></div>
  <div class="landscape"><div class="saucer">Greetings</div></div>
  <div class="landscape"><div class="saucer">Greetings</div></div>

My suggestion is to add some text to the ‘Hypertext 101’ section that articulates that while there are a few ways to render children nodes, for the sake of the demo, the preferred way is always to encase them in brackets.

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skilfullycurledcommented, Aug 20, 2018

Thanks for the library! I’m confident there’s a lot of folks like me who are eager to become familiar with today’s style of front end programming and it’s nice to have a framework like yours where the barrier of entry is low, but is still expressive.

Take care!

johan-gortercommented, Aug 20, 2018

I made the suggested modifications. Thanks for the input!

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