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Nexus Router BGP - Parser does not parse 'show run bgp' correctly when using VRFs

See original GitHub issue

here is the error that I am getting when I build the BGP with VRF

    output = device.parse('show run bgp')
  File "src/genie/conf/base/", line 528, in genie.conf.base.device.Device.parse
  File "src/genie/conf/base/", line 567, in genie.conf.base.device.Device._get_parser_output
  File "src/genie/conf/base/", line 565, in genie.conf.base.device.Device._get_parser_output
  File "src/genie/metaparser/", line 342, in genie.metaparser._metaparser.MetaParser.parse
  File "src/genie/metaparser/", line 322, in genie.metaparser._metaparser.MetaParser.parse
  File "src/genie/metaparser/util/", line 419, in genie.metaparser.util.schemaengine.Schema.validate
genie.metaparser.util.exceptions.SchemaMissingKeyError: Missing keys: [['bgp', 'instance', 'default', 'vrf', 'default', 'isolate'], ['bgp', 'instance', 'default', 'vrf', 'default', 'flush_routes'], ['bgp', 'instance', 'default', 'vrf', 'default', 'fast_external_fallover'], ['bgp', 'instance', 'default', 'vrf', 'default', 'enforce_first_as'], ['bgp', 'instance', 'default', 'vrf', 'default', 'log_neighbor_changes'], ['bgp', 'instance', 'default', 'vrf', 'default', 'graceful_restart']]

BGP Configuration

!Command: show running-config bgp
!Running configuration last done at: Fri Aug 12 15:04:42 2022
!Time: Fri Aug 12 15:06:52 2022

version 9.3(7) Bios:version 07.68 
feature bgp

router bgp 65000
  vrf bgptesting
    address-family ipv4 unicast
      remote-as 65001
      address-family ipv4 unicast

if I remove the vrf I would get the result back as expected as shown below (snippet), and it uses a default VRF. However. I am not sure what {instance:default{}} would be for ? I thought this should represent the VRF ? what’s the difference between instance and vrf ?

                "bgp_id": 65000,
                "protocol_shutdown": false,
                    "default":                   <<<<<<< VRF=default 
                        "graceful_restart": true,
                        "log_neighbor_changes": true,
                        "router_id": "",
                        "enforce_first_as": true,
                        "fast_external_fallover": true,
                        "flush_routes": false,
                        "isolate": false,

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  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:9 (9 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

zhangineercommented, Aug 15, 2022

@Taarini NXOS: version 9.3(7) N9K-C93180YC-EX

Taarinicommented, Aug 17, 2022

Closing this issue

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