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High cpu utilization of Promise.await and app degradation over time

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

Hello, this issue is a result of investigation of related problem in

For some reason during continuous recreation of Promises inner state of each new Promise(after old one was already completed) slowly growing and start to consumes too much cpu time as a results significantly affects performance of entire application.

The actual problem is in the next function and List of joiners, its starts from 0.1-2% of cpu time and goes up until you reset parent effect or app stops to respond(usually about up to 30%+ of cpu): image


How it looks in real application image

Reproducible scenario(takes at least 1-3 hours to see the effect), but the growing time it spends on inner joiners list is visible in cpu sampler from the beginning:

testM("stream should not go brrr") {

      def newJob(queue: Queue[Promise[Option[Throwable], Chunk[Int]]]) = ZStream {
        ZManaged.succeed {
          for {
            p <- Promise.make[Option[Throwable], Chunk[Int]]
            _ <- queue.offer(p)
            r <- p.await
          } yield r

      (for {
        jobQueue  <- Queue.unbounded[ZStream[Any, Throwable, Int]]
        feedQueue <- Queue.unbounded[Promise[Option[Throwable], Chunk[Int]]]
        //Actual stream of substreams
        stream = ZStream
          .mapMParUnordered(50) { s =>
            //Just to affect performance faster
              .groupedWithin(1000, 1.millis)
        //Feed to fullfill promises
        feed = ZStream
          .mapMPar(10) { x =>
        fb1 <- stream.fork
        fb2 <- feed.fork
        _   <- Chunk.fromIterable( => jobQueue.offer(newJob(feedQueue)))
        _   <-
      } yield assert(true)(equalTo(true))).provideCustomLayer(

TLDR: We have stream of substreams that generates and fullfill promises one by one, its starts to work very slow over time and use as much cpu as possible, after we recreate stream, performance become normal and start degrade from the beginning

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

iravidcommented, Jun 8, 2021

Oh sorry I thought we were in zio-kafka 😃 @jsfwa proposed a fix for this, but it’s a bit of a workaround and does not solve the actual underlying problem. @jdegoes was looking into this.

aartigaocommented, Jun 8, 2021

@aartigao The root cause is #4395

Did you mean to link to another issue? 😄 Or recursive-trolling me? 😝

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