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Mar 1, 2023
As organizations are adopting more of the FinOps foundation practices and trying to optimize their cloud-computing costs, engineering…
404 node-pre-gyp ERR! Pre-built binaries not found for v8-debug stack Error: Failed to execute
May 29, 2023

[[[ INSTALL ISSUES ]]] 404 node-pre-gyp ERR! Pre-built binaries not found for v8-debug stack Error: Failed to execute

Explanation of the problem   When running the npm install -g node-inspector command, an error occurs during the…
Database testing
Jan 11, 2023

Maximizing Value with Database Testing

Database Testing The foundation of software development is rooted in the handling and preservation of data in compliance…
Dec 26, 2022

Tips & Tricks for using Kubernetes

Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes   Businesses around the world are increasingly turning to container technology to streamline the…
Monolith to microservices
Aug 22, 2022

Migrating Monoliths to Microservices in Practice

There have been amazing articles on the subjects of migrating from a monolith to a microservice architecture e.g.…
Wordle debugging
Jul 31, 2022

Debugging a Wordle Bug

I have a confession: I'm addicted to Wordle. Especially now that it's out of style and people don't…
The cost of production blindness
Jul 4, 2022

The Cost of Production Blindness

When I speak at conferences, I often fall back to the fact that just a couple of decades…
Debugging JSON frameworks
Jun 21, 2022

Debugging Gson, Moshi and Jackson JSON Frameworks in Production

Parsing bugs are the gift that keeps giving in the age of APIs. We use a service; it…
Apple M1
Jun 19, 2022

Short and Exciting Journey of M1 Build Agent Configuration

Back in November 2020 Apple's M1 chip was introduced and as the end users moved forward to M1…
Understanding source code
Jun 15, 2022

Understand Source Code – Deep into the Codebase, Locally and in Production

Learn a new codebase by diving into it with debuggers to understand the full extent of internal semantics & interactions within the project.
Spring Boot performance
Jun 8, 2022

Spring Boot Performance Workshop with Vlad Mihalcea

A couple of weeks ago, we had a great time hosting the workshop you can see below with…

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