Developer Advocate

About The Position

Are you passionate about engaging with the developer community, striking up conversations about deep technological questions, the culture in engineering organizations and the impact developers have on the companies they work for?

Are you up to date on all the new tools and stacks the world has to offer, with the ability to jump between different technological discussions in the drop of a hat?

Do you enjoy creating valuable & educational content that developers can enjoy and engage with in various mediums, including writing, video, and audio? 

Do you like working in a fast-paced, highly technical startup environment with like-minded people - where even the sales and marketing departments are staffed by former developers?

If you are -- then you might be a great fit for Lightrun!

Lightrun developed the world's-first dev-native observability & debugging platform, and we are actively looking for an experienced Developer Advocate to help us create innovative and valuable content and engagements. 

This is a people-facing role - both virtually and in-person - and we’re looking for a kind, deeply technical and proactive advocate to build the Lightrun developer relations organization. 


  • Create educational content -- including blog posts, code samples, tutorials, and demo apps
  • Record demonstrative videos showcasing key product features, interesting use cases for the product, and various technical niceties you come up with while using Lightrun. Lightrun shines on multiple fronts - make it sparkle!
  • Speak at meetups, conferences, and webinars - both virtual and in-person -- including travel to events in the US, Europe and APAC when COVID lifts
  • Create new and exciting initiatives to build engagement with the developer communities (e.g. open-source, meetups, forums, twitter spaces, hackathons, contests ...)
  • Work closely with our Customer Success team to actively engage with our Free Tier developer community via Slack and other channels/ methods, and be part of defining the way we talk to our users
  • Make sure our messaging & positioning is on point and clear to developers
  • Help Product Marketing identify knowledge gaps within our target audience and help out with new and existing materials showcasing our continuously growing set of supported languages, environments, and deployments - new features are rolling out all the time, and we need your expertise to find out how to best display them to the world 


  • At least 3 years of Developer Advocate experience 
  • At least 5 years of experience in software development -- especially strong Java/ Python/ Node.js programmer (bonus for experience with .NET)
  • Experience with containers (Docker mostly), how we orchestrate them (e.g. using Kubernetes), and the various things that can go wrong when using them
  • Solid software engineering skills, with the ability to work independently on development projects - specifically, you are comfortable with both front-end (React & Redux are not enemies) and backend development (Spring, Django, Express - choose your poison)
  • Empathetic towards, and eager to help others who are looking to learn about our products, observability, debugging, how to create and maintain positive culture and processes in engineering organizations and more
  • Proactive -- and creative -- with the ability to produce unique and interesting content that is of relevance on your own, without much hand-holding. This position requires a self-starter - you’re going to build the organization from scratch and must be up for the challenge
  • You know by name, follow constantly and keep up to date with major figures in the software industry
  • Outstanding technical writing skills in addition to a knack for storytelling
  • Comfortable with public speaking -- and have a track record of public speaking in various formats (teaching, conferences, meetups, workshops, etc…)
  • Contribute (past, present, and future) to various open-source projects - bonus points for people who maintain, document and/or communicate information about open source projects to the world 
  • Your English is outstanding -- native speaker, or very close to it

Preferred qualifications

  • Open source maintainer or major contributor (yes, we’re saying it again)
  • Familiarity with popular software development methodologies and paradigms, specifically microservices and serverless, and the ability to enumerate and explain both the benefits and the downsides of using each
  • A large following on Twitter and Linkedin (Medium, dev. to, hacker noon and other channels are a plus)
  • Familiarity with media technologies and broadcasting channels -- twitch, Twitter spaces, LinkedIn live events, etc… 
  • Active on Reddit, Stackoverflow, Quora