in real time for customer sites with no connectivity

Achieve real customer satisfaction: debug your software when on your customer’s site, with zero downtime.

Lightrun to the rescue

Bugs are inevitable; on-prem deployments are here to stay. The combination can feel hopeless.

Developers’ hands are tied. With no connection to the customer site, they can never predict unknown unknowns or insert logs in the right places in advance. The results: an exhausting back & forth with the customer.

Lightrun helps your teams debug live applications on customer sites, with zero downtime – even when you have no connectivity. With CLI commands, logs, metrics and traces are inserted on the fly. Get data on-demand, from the running application in its production environment.

Resolving issues on site has never been easier

Zero downtime

No more unnecessary downtime, multiple iterations, or hotfixes for the sake of inserting logs or debugging on the customer site. Customers run a simple command and deliver the data you need on the fly.

  • Collect temporal data on demand, in real time with no downtime
  • No need to reproduce issues locally
  • No hotfixes

Reduced customer friction

Lightrun saves you the hassle, bringing you far less friction and overall, a better customer experience. No more long customer calls, guiding deployments by phone or visiting the site repeatedly

  • Minimal customer involvement necessary balanced by maximum data needed for resolution
  • Lightrun is transparent to your customers
  • Fast resolution for complex issues
  • Big savings in time & money coupled with increased productivity

Security guaranteed

As experienced cybersecurity engineers, the Lightrun team fully recognizes the importance of embedding security as part of the product design and delivery. Your and your customers’ data are completely safe when using Lightrun – no worries.

  • No need to connect to a server or open any ports
  • No data ever leaves your site
  • Auditing, blocklisting and more

Lightning-speed resolution

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