Developer Observability Masterclass – March 2022

About the webinar

Join thought leaders from ThoughtWorks, Redmonk and JFrog as we explore:

  • Why debugging in production Is not a problem, but rather the solution
  • Tips & Tricks for reducing incident MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve)
  • How progressive delivery can connect developers to their live applications
  • What a shift-left future looks like for the modern R&D teams
  • And So Much More!


Tom Granot Director, Developer Relations 

Presenter Information

Kief Morris Lead of ​Global Cloud Engineering Practice ThoughtWorks

James Governor Analyst & Co-Founder Redmonk

Baruch Sadogursky Dev & DevOps Advocate JFrog

Barry O'Reilly Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Author of "Lean Enterprise"

It’s Really not that Complicated.

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