Ensuring Reachability and Remediating Vulnerabilities at Runtime 5X Faster with Lightrun

Ensuring reachability and remediating vulnerabilities at runtime
Ensuring reachability and remediating vulnerabilities at runtime

Reduce False Positives by 90% From SCA Tools and Prioritize Reachable CVEs

This paper provides an innovative practice around CVE remediation through the use of dynamic observability and Lightrun. It covers the practice of adding conditional logs and snapshots in live application path to detect reachability and risks from open-source 3rd party security vulnerabilities.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • ~90% Reduction in false positives
  • Dynamic observability enables shift-left of DevSecOps
  • Looking at application runtime path and different customer environments help prioritize CVEs

It’s Really not that Complicated.

You can actually understand what’s going on inside your live applications.

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