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Mar 1, 2023
As organizations are adopting more of the FinOps foundation practices and trying to optimize their cloud-computing costs, engineering…
Java linters
Jul 6, 2021

Top 10 Java Linters

Java Linters make an awesome addition to your development environment. Check out our top Java linters and SAST solutions.
Java CLI arguments
Dec 31, 2020

Java Tutorial: Java Command Line Arguments

Command line interfaces are a great option if your program is primarily used by developers or if it…
Production troubleshooting
May 4, 2022

When Disaster Strikes: Production Troubleshooting

Tom Granot and myself have had the privilege of Vlad Mihalcea’s online company for a while now. As…
Java String Replace: the complete guide
Feb 25, 2021

The Complete Guide to Java String Replace

One of the most commonly used functionalities for String objects in Java is String replace. What is String replace in Java and how to use it
Spring transaction debugging
Apr 18, 2022

Spring Transaction Debugging in Production with Lightrun

Spring makes building a reliable application much easier thanks to its declarative transaction management. It also supports programmatic…
Spring Boot performance
Jun 8, 2022

Spring Boot Performance Workshop with Vlad Mihalcea

A couple of weeks ago, we had a great time hosting the workshop you can see below with…
Kotlin vs Java
Jul 12, 2021

Kotlin vs Java: 10 Years In

Kotlin learned from the mistakes of Java and came out from JetBrains as the better alternative statically typed, general-purpose programming language with a type interface
Top IntelliJ debug shortcuts
Jun 6, 2022

Top 8 IntelliJ Debug Shortcuts

Let's get real - as developers, we spend a significant amount of time staring at a screen and…
Debugging Java race conditions between threads
Jun 12, 2021

How to Debug Race Conditions Between Threads in Java

In this tutorial, we give an overview of what race conditions are, what multithreaded Java code is used for, and how to debug race conditions in Java using a few different methods.

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