Lightrun Series A funding led by Insight Partners
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Lightrun Series A funding led by Insight Partners

Lightrun Secures $23 Million Series A Funding to Shift Observability “Left”

Lightrun Team
Lightrun Team
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Funding led by Insight Partners will expand Lightrun’s engineering and sales teams to meet market demand for real-time production code visibility for developer teams


TEL AVIV – May 26, 2021 – Lightrun, the continuous debugging and observability company and Gartner Cool Vendor, today announced it has closed a $23 million Series A round led by Insight Partners with participation from existing investor Glilot Capital Partners, bringing its total funding to $26 million to date.

Lightrun will use the funding to expand its engineering team and accelerate its roadmap of enterprise-level features for developer teams embracing the new shift-left paradigm for production code observability.

We’ve seen a number of observability solutions joining the market, but found Lightrun’s shift-left approach to be truly unique,” said Teddie Wardi, managing director, Insight Partners, who led the funding round and will join the board of directors. “The main point of shifting observability to the left in the software development lifecycle is incorporating observability into the day-to-day developer workflow. Lightrun makes observability more ops-free, real-time and ergonomic to the development process than any other platform, and we believe they are in a position to capture a large international market of development teams at enterprises that prioritize rapid feature development and frequent shipping.

In April, Lightrun launched a free community edition of its popular platform for developer-native observability. Earlier this month, Lightrun was named a Gartner Cool Vendor for Monitoring, Observability and Cloud Operations.

The company has doubled its number of employees in the last year, and recently announced numerous new integrations supported by Lightrun in the APM product ecosystem, including Datadog, IntelliJ IDEA,, Prometheus, Slack and StatsD.


How Shift Left Observability Works

Lightrun gives developers “shift left” observability from within the tooling they already use (IDEs, CLIs, code repositories), and the ability to add logs, metrics and traces to running applications. Developers use Lightrun’s capabilities to verify new features as part of their CI/CD pipeline. Lightrun streamlines this process of defining and consuming observability.

This way it becomes a real-time process, an ops-free process that is controlled, defined and consumed by developers. Developers will be able to work without involving operations managers, creating a much more agile organization, better MTTR and a better developer experience while optimizing observability costs. 

For too long, developers have been forced to use traditional APM and observability tools that were designed for operators and IT, and correlating data on the ‘right,’” said Ilan Peleg, co-founder and CEO of Lightrun. “We’re already seeing operations and security shifting left as startups like Snyk and Hashicorp disrupt those spaces. Now Lightrun flipping the paradigm of observability and putting the tooling in the hands of developers – and giving developers new observability into live application’s state, rather than the ‘static,’ log-everything legacy approach to software debugging.


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About Lightrun

Lightrun is a Tel Aviv-based startup that is transforming the developer experience, bringing a developer-native observability platform. The company is the first to bring “shift left” observability, giving developers deeper insights into running applications by allowing them to insert logs, metrics and traces and more during runtime. Boasting the richest set of observability pillar tools for observing applications directly from within the IDE, Lightrun simplifies every aspect of incident resolution. Lightrun is ISO-27001 certified and is proud to have some of the most innovative technology companies in the world as customers, including Taboola, Sisense, Tufin and more. For more information, visit or follow @Lightruntech on Twitter.

We invite you to give shift-left observability a go — you can open your Lightrun account here.


About Insight Partners

Insight Partners is a leading global venture capital and private equity firm investing in high-growth technology and software companies that are driving transformative change in their industries. Founded in 1995, Insight currently has over $20 billion of assets under management and has cumulatively invested in more than 300 companies worldwide. Insight’s mission is to find, fund, and work successfully with visionary executives, providing them with practical, hands-on growth expertise to foster long-term success. For more information on Insight and all its investments, visit or follow @insightpartners on Twitter.



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