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Give your team observability superpowers, right in the IDE.
Each developer seat comes with unlimited Lightrun Logs, Snapshots, and Metrics.

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Developer Observability for fast-moving engineering teams.

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Feature Comparison

  •   Free Pro / Teams Enterprise
  • Dynamic Logs
  • Real-time Snapshots
  • Performance Metrics
  • Counters
  • Custom Metrics
  • Conditions & TTL
  • Multi-Instance
  • JVM (Java, Scala & Kotlin) Support
  • Python Support
  • JavaScript & TypeScript Support
  • .NET (C# & #F) Support
  • IntelliJ IDE Plugin
  • PyCharm IDE Plugin
  • WebStorm IDE Plugin
  • VS Code Support
  • CLI Support
  • Web Editor
  • Logging Tool Integrations
  • Slack Integration
  • Reporting
  • Multi-Instance Debugging
  • Customer Success
  • Custom SSO Integrations
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Full Audit Log
  • On-Premise Deployment
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Developer time is precious

Developer Time Is Precious, Spend It Wisely

The key to mastering the art of software development lies in efficiency: continuously optimizing every single part of the SDLC to deliver better software, faster.

Developers today work in the IDE, as they always have, but are increasingly disconnected from the live execution of the code they write. Application code runs in highly-abstracted containers and serverless functions that are continuously spinning up and down.

Lightrun’s Developer Observability Platform was built from the ground up to give the power back to developers. It provides IDE-first, code-level observability capabilities that accelerate time-to-market, reduce MTTR and increase overall developer productivity.

Lightrun gives developers granular, real-time, on-demand visibility into their code, without ever leaving the IDE.

Lightrun’s platform delivers 763% ROI and $5.62M NPV over a three-year period. Read Lightrun’s economic impact study below!

Get our deep research into the economic impact of using a developer observability platform in major engineering organisations, in which you will learn how Lightrun has:

  • Saved $3.87M via developer productivity improvements
  • Increased revenue by $1.64M due to lower MTTR
  • Delivered 763.9% 3-year ROI after < 7 months

Read the Full Report

Economic impact on enterprise logging and observability costs

What Our Clients Say About Us

Lee Ditiankin

“Lightrun’s platform resulted in a 70% reduction in MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve) for my teams, as well as increased productivity due to easier access to highly granular runtime data. In addition, the experience of production troubleshooting has changed dramatically – my engineers do not fear it anymore; it’s just another workday – and troubleshooting sessions that used to span days now take mere minutes.”

Lee Ditiangkin Product Manager at IBM

“Leveraging Lightrun, our teams unraveled complex incidents that were challenging to solve and replicate locally using conventional debugging solutions. Lightrun enables us to quickly introduce dynamic logs and snapshots surrounding the incident area and by that reducing MTTR from hours to minutes.”

Jacob Eckel VP, R&D, Gong

“Lightrun has been a game-changer for us. With Lightrun we shortened our development process significantly by skipping iterative deployment cycles when adding logs and metrics. A day’s work turned into just one hour. Lightrun provided us with new observability into our production environment that was not accessible to us beforehand. Lightrun is a key component in our developer toolset here at Taboola and one of our development best practices.”

Rami Stern R&D Infrastructure Team Leader at Taboola

“Drata’s main focus is to ensure we’re delivering value for our customers and addressing their most urgent needs; we embrace that approach across the entire organization. Leveraging Lightrun to significantly streamline logging has allowed us to remediate faster without shifting our focus away from critical business initiatives.”

Dave Knell VP Software Engineering at Drata

“By using Lightrun, our development team was able to figure out an extremely complex incident that was hard to parse and reproduce locally and with the standard debugging solutions. The team was able to use Lightrun to quickly add logs and snapshots around the area of the incident, reproduce and fix it.”

Yan Dyshkalps Director of Technology Research, Architecture and Infrastructure, InsideTracker

“Using Lightrun to debug an actual issue in production enabled us to react instantly. We were able to add the right logs and identify the root-cause in a real-time session, instead of waiting for redeployments.”

Tom Shapira Director of Software Engineering at WhiteSource
Fortune 10 company

“Lightrun is a strategic tool in our SRE & incident mgmt. playbook, and increases the organization’s capacity to respond to customer-facing applicative issues quickly. Lightrun empowers our developers with safe, real-time troubleshooting capabilities and has enabled them to debug mission-critical, complex applicative issues 50-60% faster.“

Director of Engineering F10 Company, >10K Developers
What is Lightrun

Debug 🆆🅾🆁🅳🅻🅴 with Lightrun

Check out our free Lightrun playground, where you can get a feel for how Lightrun works and take it for a test drive!

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Do you charge per developer seat or per SDK?

Lightrun charges per SDK – which directly translate into running application instances (running JVMs, V8s, Python interpreters, etc…).

What languages does Lightrun support?

Lightrun supports all JVM languges – Java, Scala & Kotlin, as well as Node.js (including TypeScript), Python (both 2 & 3), .NET (C# and F#). We’ll be releasing support for more languages soon – stay tuned!

Does Lightrun work on-prem?

Lightrun can be deployed completely on-prem, without relying on any Lightrun-hosted infrastructure. In addition, Lightrun can be deployed to air-gapped, un-networked environments – contact our sales team to learn more.

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