Lightrun LogOptimizer

Lightrun’s LogOptimizer  is a revolutionary automated log-optimization and logging cost-reduction solution that is part of the Lightrun IDE plugins. It allows developers to scan their source code (single file or complete projects) for log waste, and get in seconds the log lines that are replaceable by Lightrun’s dynamic logs. The LogOptimizer supports the following runtimes: Java, JavaScript, Python, and .NET.

  • Gain visibility in just a few minutes into low-quality logs that aren’t required as part of your source code
  • Reduce the noise in your logs and the overall cost of logging and shift left FinOps practices toward engineers
  • Move away from using static logs toward dynamic logging
  • Establish a continuous optimized process of log optimization as part of your DevOps practice
  • Reduce the noise generated with over-logging (e.g. Marker logs at the start of a method,  Marker logs before return statements, Methods with multiple instruction logs, etc.), and find the most valuable information in a cleaner code
  • Leadership-level reporting on logging cost-saving opportunities


Run Log Optimization Scan on Demand, Directly from Your IDE

Within the Lightrun IDE plugin, developers can run a log optimization scan on any of their source code files, or on their entire project. A dedicated log-optimizer console will display upon request the log lines that are subject to removal.

** Please ensure prior to running the LogOptimizer, that you have a Docker client running on your machine

Optimize Your Logging Cost, Modernize Troubleshooting Workflows

  • Identify static, costly, and redundant logs and omit them from the code.
  • Remove legacy unused code lines that were historically added and got left in the code.
  • Be constantly aware of their logging utilization and the cost that is associated with them
  • Continuously replace your static and costly logs with Lightrun actions for efficient troubleshooting and observability
  • Leadership-level reporting on logging cost-saving opportunities

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