K8s Troubleshooting, Built For Developers

Identify application-level issues in any Kubernetes cluster – including EKS, GKE, AKS, OpenShift, Minikube, and others – with debugger-grade information, and without ever leaving the IDE.

  • Add logs to live pods without stopping the running application or losing state
  • Troubleshoot across pods, namespaces, and even entire clusters
  • Debug in Kubernetes without port-forwarding or other config changes

Kubernetes Observability, No Ops Required

Lightrun enables developers to add logs, metrics and traces to live applications without needing to restart, redeploy, or even stop the live application.

All Lightrun Actions can be added without requiring any additional configuration, which means there’s no need to:

  • Change namespaces
  • SSH into a pod
  • Port-forward a local port to a pod’s port
  • Read or write any YAML
  • Permissions for kubectl

Easily Follow The Application Path

Lightrun takes a dynamic approach to telemetry instrumentation.

Instead of adding as many logs as possible to each of your services and then trying to figure out which pod emitted which logs in production, only add the logs you need at runtime to the relevant pod(s).

This makes it easy to trace the exact path the application took in each step of execution.

Remote Clusters, Local Visibility

Lightrun works completely within the IDE, allowing you to ‘pop the hood’ of your application right next to its source code.

Every single Lightrun Action is added from the IDE and instrumented in real-time within your cluster, with its output automatically delivered to your IDE.

No scrolling through web-based GUIs, no terminals, and no extra configuration required. It’s like using a debugger that just works, everywhere.

Simple Deployment With Our Kubernetes Operator

Getting anything installed inside a running Kubernetes cluster is a nightmare of permissions, configurations, and YAML.

Use Lightrun’s simple k8s operator to get started with Lightrun immediately – no extra steps required.

Get Down To Business

Let one of our Observability Specialists walk you through the Lightrun platform.

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