What Is Developer Observability?

(noun) The act of empowering developers to understand anything that happens in a live application – on demand, in real time and regardless of where the application is deployed.

Observability, As It Should Be

Imagine you could connect your IDE to a live application without worrying about the configuration.

Instead of diving through endless logs, metrics, traces and events that somebody else created, you can ask exactly what you want to ask.

Developer Observability allows you to do just that: plug in, ask a question, get an answer, be a hero.


Just-In-Time Telemetry

Traditionally, developers were forced to think about all potential pitfalls in an application in advance.

Anything that might go wrong should be logged, which results in huge amounts of immediately-stale information and expensive tools to manage that information.

In modern architectures, the number of unknown unknowns grows exponentially and it is impossible to think about all the potential pitfalls in your application.

That’s why Developer Observability focuses on getting only what you need, when you need it.


Developer Time Is Precious

Development time should be about doing great, creative work that delights your users and creates truly great experiences. Not logistics and busywork.

Truly understanding what’s happening inside a live application is important, but
the price you pay for acquiring the relevant information, analyzing it and deriving conclusions is simply too high.

Developer Observability is, more than anything else, about gifting time back to developers.


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