The hidden cost of overlogging

The Hidden Cost of Overlogging

The hidden cost of overlogging
The hidden cost of overlogging

About the webinar

As applications become more and more complex to build and maintain, developers drift towards adding more and more logs to the codebase to better understand what’s going on.

This practice of overlogging naturally leads to an explosion in logging costs, specifically when using complex, managed observability systems.

Join our panel of industry veterans as we explore how leading organizations deal with the rising costs of storing, processing and analyzing logging data, and learn:

  • How to measure the cost of your logging system
  • How to reduce your overall logging bill by 40%
  • The performance impact of overlogging
  • Hands-on tips & tricks for reducing overall logging volumes
  • And So Much More!


Tom Granot

Tom Granot Director, Developer Relations 

Presenter Information

Eric Maxwell

Eric Maxwell Application Modernization Thought Leader Google

Eric Lam

Eric Lam Head of Cloud FinOps Google

Kathryn Tang

Kathryn Tang Engineering Operations Lead - Infrastructure Shopify

Taylor Dolezal

Taylor Dolezal Head of Ecosystem Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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