Debug Pre-Production Environments

Pre-production environments – such as QA, Staging, feature environments, stress environments, and more – are intended to capture the majority of application issues before they reach production.

Lightrun’s Logs, Snapshots, and Metrics work exactly the same across all your environments – both prod and pre-prod – with no extra configuration required.

  • Debug all pre-prod environments from the IDE
  • No direct connection to any environment is required
  • Supports containers, Kubernetes, bare-metal servers, and much more

Get Pre-Prod Visibility

Lightrun enables developers to catch bugs before they ever hit production, drastically improving the user experience and reducing time spent reproducing customer issues.

By spending more time bug hunting in pre-production, your developers can identify problems without touching sensitive customer data or requiring access rights to sensitive production machines.


A Single Pane Of Glass

Using Lightrun, developers can simultaneously debug local, staging, and QA environments, without having to switch between them constantly.

Add logs, instrument metrics and take snapshots of all of your environments at the same time in order to inspect state and catch tough issues.

Verify features (right alongside the code that creates them!) by adding telemetry on the fly, without having to release a new version every time.


IDE Ergonomics, Everywhere

Lightrun was born out of the needs of developers and is integrated tightly into the most popular IDEs.

Developers who use Lightrun in pre-prod enjoy the same comfortable IDE debugging workflow across all environments, without having to stop the execution or deal with endless configurations.

Get Down To Business

Let one of our Observability Specialists walk you through the Lightrun platform.

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