Reduce Time-To-Market

Lightrun reduces friction, delays, and bottlenecks at every single stage in the software development lifecycle.

With infinite real-time and on-demand telemetry at their fingertips, Lightrun doesn’t just make small adjustments to how your developers work, it totally redefines how they relate to their applications.

Using Lightrun In Development

Application development should be guided entirely by user needs.

Understanding these normally involves waiting for customer interviews to be conducted, for bug tickets to be filed and for logs to be carefully inspected.

With Lightrun, developers can understand what users are doing in real-time by observing the code paths these users take and then optimizing the application code accordingly.



Using Lightrun In QA/Staging

When testing an application, developers often find new questions arising that require writing additional logs. The problem is that this requires redeploying time-consuming hotfixes that are only useful for testing and are just a costly burden afterwards.

Lightrun can be used to test features without waiting for telemetry to be deployed or having to leave a trail of useless logs!

Add dynamic, temporary, conditional logs in real-time that are precisely written to provide a specific insight and then disappear.


Using Lightrun In CI Pipelines

Getting your software out the door quickly requires having reliable automation in place that quickly produces artefacts out of code.

One of the main bottlenecks for releasing faster is having flaky tests and non-performant CI/CD processes.

Lightrun helps developers to debug failing tests, improve problematic test setups/cleanups as well as many other pipeline issues – freeing up clogged pipelines and accelerating your release cycle.

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