Slashing development costs

Slashing Development Costs in an Economic Downturn

In this session, you will learn hands-on tips & tricks that will help you to:
Optimize costs across the engineering organization
Handle fewer working hands by increasing developer productivity and more

Advanced Java performance

Advanced Java Performance Workshop With Vlad Mihalcea

Add logs, metrics and traces to live applications, wherever they may reside, in real time and on demand.

Lightrun + Taboola

How Taboola slashed MTTR & saved 260+ debugging hours a month with Lightrun on AWS

With instant, real-time production logs, snapshots, and metrics, Taboola developers now save precious incident resolution time previously spent waiting for their hotfixes to deploy to their datacenters and AWS-hosted services. When there’s a need to better understand the current state of a service in order to investigate an issue, developers now have a tool to ask new questions and get immediate, real-time answers.
Using Lightrun on a constant basis decreases MTTR, increases the rate at which Taboola deploys new features into production, and improves each individual developer’s productivity. By streamlining a once cumbersome, lengthy, and rather manual debugging process, Lightrun removes unnecessary frustration from the developer’s day and allows Taboola’s team to focus on what they do best – ship new amazing features to Taboola customers.

It’s Really not that Complicated.

You can actually understand what’s going on inside your live applications. It’s a registration form away.

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