The Lightrun SDK™

The Lightrun SDK™ is at the core of the Lightrun Developer Observability Platform and is in charge of adding, removing and monitoring the state of all Lightrun Actions.

Our patented SDK solution ensures that the state of your application is kept in pristine shape, at all times.

  • Easily deployed across containers, Kubernetes, serverless and bare-metal servers
  • Maintains the integrity and stability of the live applications
  • Makes sure each Lightrun Action is read-only and performant
  • Supports various runtimes and CPU architectures (ARM, Intel etc.)

Real-Time Stability And Integrity

In order to give developers the best experience while maintaining the safety of the live application, every Lightrun SDK™ comes pre-packaged with its own Lightrun Sandbox™ – a robust, patented-mechanism that ensures that each Action is:


  • Read-Only: each Lightrun Action is verified during invocation to ensure it does not have any unwanted side effects
  • Performant: each Lightrun Action is throttled and rate-limited to ensure that the application continues to perform as intended
  • Invoked ‘Lazily’: upon request the SDK ‘wakes up’, performs what’s demanded of it and goes back to idle mode, without interfering with the running application

Runs Where You Are

The Lightrun SDK™ was built to work wherever you are working. It is a runtime-based observability solution, meaning it works out of the box in any deployment environment. More specifically, the Lightrun SDK™ is:


  • Deployment-agnostic: the SDK is easily installed and deployed across containers, Kubernetes, serverless and bare metal servers
  • Supported across multiple runtimes: including Node.js, Python, Java, Scala, Kotlin and .NET/#C & #F

Highly Integrated

Each Lightrun SDK™ streams its output to the Lightrun Management Server, which connects to your existing tools via:


  • Lightrun’s IDE Console: a dedicated, console-like view that enables in-IDE analysis of Lightrun output
  • Various Application Loggers: all Actions can be piped into the normal application logger, allowing them to be consumed using the existing APM or logging platform
  • Custom Integrations: the Lightrun SDK™ can also pipe information into various custom integrations, including Slack and StatsD


Secure And Private

The Lightrun SDK™ was built to perform in heavily-distributed and highly-trafficked environments, from complex cloud-native deployments to major on-premise data centers. The Lightrun SDK™ is:


  • Private: PII Redaction and blocklisting are first-class citizens, ensuring no private or sensitive information is leaked
  • Long-Polling: each SDK polls the Lightrun Management Server to acquire commands for its operation, making discovery and registration a walk in the park


See It Live

Get access to a live Lightrun SDK™ using our dedicated playground.

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