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Lightrun gives developers the power to understand the behavior of their live applications on-demand, in real-time, without ever stopping the running applications. This dynamic observability utterly transforms the development experience, supercharging productivity, slashing costs and making it easier to fix bugs.
Ultimately, by handing developers observability superpowers, we help them spend their time doing more of what they love: crafting creative code and great software experiences.

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About Lightrun

Lightrun is the world’s first IDE-native Developer Observability Platform.

Our paradigm-shifting, developer-first approach breaks free of the traditional assumptions about how observability must be done, instead focusing firmly on meeting developer needs with fresh ideas and approaches.

By enabling developers to securely add logs, metrics and traces to live applications in real-time and on-demand, whole new worlds of possibility are opened up for your development teams. Let go of the old ‘log everything’ paradigm and instead log only what you need, when you need it!

Lightrun’s customers range from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs and SMBs across many verticals. The company was named a 2022 Top Linkedin Startup and a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Observability.

Meet the Founders

At the age of 20, Ilan Peleg (CEO) and Leonid Blouvshtein (CTO) met on a bus ride to Tel-Aviv and have since been inseparable.

Their first startup, Hommyfood, a platform to sell home-made food, was acquired after eight months. Their next idea became Lightrun, which has so far closed $27 milion funding.

They were featured on Forbes’s 2022 30 Under 30.

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