Spend Less Time

DevOps engineers and SREs are at the production coal-face, making sure application code gets to production quickly and then performs reliably.

In practice, a significant portion of their time is spent providing visibility for developers: guiding them through the architecture, providing safe access to systems and creating dashboards.

Lightrun offers a different way: allowing developers to dynamically add new telemetry to live applications in a safe and configuration-free way greatly eases the burden on DevOps engineers and SREs.

Gain Development Independence

Understanding modern applications requires wearing both development and operations hats.

Developers who spend time troubleshooting application issues need access to resources and visibility into the underlying architecture, both of which make them dependent on operator intervention.

Lightrun removes the need for an operator by creating a safe and reliable way for developers to ask application-level questions, in real time and on demand.


Bridge The Gap Between Dev and Ops

Using Lightrun, DevOps engineers and SREs can deepen their platform understanding by asking deep code-level questions in real time without connecting directly to the machine.

At the same time, developers are empowered to get the architectural information they need straight from their IDE, without having to rely on assistance from operators.

Lightrun makes sure each team can focus on what it does best, reducing the friction between the two often-competing agendas.


DevOps/SRE Use Cases

Here are a few example use cases showing how Lightrun can support DevOps engineers and SREs.


  • Create automated remediation playbooks with real-time logs: use the CLI to create automated scripts that add new logs automatically under certain conditions
  • Reduce logging costs: eliminate up to 60% of logs and slash costs by up to 31%
  • Get code-level snapshots: typically, code-level insights requires queries and dashboards; with Lightrun any user can take a high-granularity snapshot, revealing information nested deep inside the code.


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