Pursuing Minutes-Level MTTR with Developer Observability

Among the many topics that will be discussed in this webinar will be:

√ Specific challenges faced by Priceline in software development and troubleshooting, shedding light on the unique aspects of Travel and E-commerce app debugging of P1 issues and developer productivity challenges.
√ How can a developer observability platform enhance the overall DORA metrics and improve observability maturity?
√ The rise of platform engineering and how it relates to DevOps, developer productivity, observability, and the DORA metrics?
√ How can teams better understand and prioritize metrics and tools for improved software development?
√ What’s next for developer productivity with the growing adoption of GenAI?
√ Nathen and Amanda will provide a glimpse into the future, sharing insights on where DORA is heading.

The webinar promises a rich exchange of ideas and experiences, offering attendees valuable takeaways for enhancing their software development practices. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic world of software development.

How Gong Enabled Secure Production Debugging Across their Entire Engineering Organization with Lightrun

Using Lightrun, The entire engineering team at Gong, consisting of a few hundred, transformed their troubleshooting procedures to incorporate dynamic logs and snapshots on-demand within their debugging workflows, reducing their MTTR significantly

IBM Instana and Lightrun Dynamic Observability Platform – Solution Brief

Ensuring reachability and remediating vulnerabilities at runtime

Ensuring Reachability and Remediating Vulnerabilities at Runtime 5X Faster with Lightrun

Learn how using Lightrun dynamic observability can help reduce SCA reported CVEs significantly while allowing developers to only focus on reachable security vulnerabilities.

Key Benefits of Pairing Generative AI Tools with Developer Observability

Learn how using Lightrun developer observability developers can shift-left observability and quickly debug and solve complex issues in code that was generated by Gen-AI tools.

The New Stack

2023 Will Be the Year FinOps Shifts Left Toward Engineering

As more centralized FinOps teams are formed, organizations will become more rigorous around their cloud cost spending and governance.

It’s Really not that Complicated.

You can actually understand what’s going on inside your live applications.

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