Improve Reliability, MTTR, and Time to Market

There’s a lot of complexity in most modern engineering functions: unsuitable tooling, manual work, inter-departmental friction, and a disconnect from the live application.

Lightrun massively reduces that complexity at every stage of the SDLC by enabling real-time, on-demand, runtime observability for developers:

Why Observability Is Hard

There are a host of complex observability challenges in the modern software delivery lifecycle:


  • Tooling is unsuitable: existing tools are built for ops, not devs
  • Iterative and non-agile: adding new telemetry involves redeploying the whole application, creating delays and distracting developers
  • Reactive: adding more telemetry happens after the fact, only once an issue has been noticed

These points of friction add up, eventually costing developers precious time and resulting in slower time-to-market and MTTR.


How Lightrun Can Help

Lightrun is a Developer Observability Platform that empowers your team to access real-time, on-demand telemetry straight from their IDE. No redeployments or restarts required.


  • Streamline troubleshooting: developers can instantly gain direct visibility into live applications without the operational overhead
  • Works where you do: Lightrun works everywhere from the cloud, serverless functions, CI/CD pipelines to on-prem, airgapped deployments
  • Continuous, real-time debugging: get visibility earlier in the pipeline before an issue occurs


Taboola Case Study

  • Challenge: Difficulties reproducing production issues on local machines as well as time spent redeploying the application meant incident resolution would take hours, with each minute of downtime costing thousands.


  • Solution: Taboola use Lightrun to issue conditional snapshots relevant to specific information requests without sifting through endless logs, as well as real-time code-level metrics to identify bottlenecks in real time.


  • Business Outcome: The Taboola team was able to slash their MTTR from hours to minutes and save 260+ debugging hours a month with Lightrun

Empower Your Engineering Team

Lightrun empowers your team to understand everything that is happening in a live application in real time.

Having instant access to that information instantly makes a vast swath of engineering complexity—overlogging, hotfixes, context switching—redundant. And the massive amount of time and energy saved translates into massive uplift across core engineering KPIs:

  • Reduce logging costs by up to 31%
  • Improve developer productivity by up to 21%
  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolve by up to 60%

All of which translates into massively improved software and accelerated time-to-market.


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