Observe Your Live Application — Straight from WebStorm

Lightrun supports WebStorm — JetBrains’s flagship JavaScript IDE — and allows you to:

  • Add Lightrun Logs, Metrics and Snapshots straight from the WebStorm interface
  • Observe your live application alongside the source code
  • Remain highly secure and performant: no access to source code required

Developer Observability For WebStorm

Developer time is precious and should be spent crafting creative code, not diving through endless logs, metrics and traces.

Lightrun is a developer observability platform that empowers you to understand anything that happens in a live application — all straight from your IDE.

  • Dynamically Instrument Live Applications: on demand, in real time without stopping the application
  • Never Leave The IDE: pop the hood on your live application without moving away from your code
  • Get What You Need, When You Need It: Lightrun’s WebStorm console lets you see output in real-time with a dedicated view that enables analysis within WebStorm

Dynamically Instrument Your Live Applications

Imagine if, wherever you are working, you could connect straight to your live applications and add telemetry on the fly without having to release a new version.

Lightrun enables you to perform dynamic instrumentation across all of your environments at the same time to debug them, inspect their state and troubleshoot difficult issues. Lightrun is:

  • Deployment-Agnostic: works in cloud-native applications, Kubernetesserverless and much more
  • Supported Across Multiple Runtimes: including Node.js, Python, Java, Scala, Kotlin and .NET (C# and #F).
  • Available For All Environments: debug local, staging, QA and production environments without a direct connection or networking hidden secrets

Get Started In Minutes

It’s easy to get started using Lightrun’s Developer Observability tools in WebStorm. In just a few clicks you can ensure that you never have to leave the IDE to understand what’s going on in your application again!

To start using Lightrun in WebStorm, you can either install Lightrun’s WebStorm plugin directly or download it from JetBrain’s Plugin Marketplace.


Lightrun IDE Plugins

Do you need to integrate other IDEs? We’ve got you covered.

  • Support available for IntelliJ, PyCharm, VS Code and select web IDEs
  • Support for more IDEs will be available soon

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