Serverless Debugging

In the world of cloud-native applications, developers are removed from the actual hardware that is running their code.

Lightrun bridges that gap with an IDE-based, local-like serverless debugging experience.

  • Safely debug production serverless functions without creating mock requests
  • No need to connect directly to the machine running your serverless function
  • Supports AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Functions, and more

Keep Serverless Functions Clear

Lightrun enables developers to add logs, metrics and snapshots to debug serverless functions whenever they spin up, without the need to craft mock requests. Instead, all Lightrun actions:

  • Can be added to multiple serverless functions simultaneously
  • Can be added to idle serverless functions and be triggered when they trigger
  • Allow debugging serverless functions running on any cloud
  • Are safe, read-only and performant
  • Can have their output routed to your IDE for easy consumption

Keep Your State Pristine

Each Lightrun Log, Metric and Snapshot is validated by the Lightrun SDK™ in real time, ensuring that the instrumentation happens in a performant and read-only manner.

This enables Lightrun to securely debug your existing production serverless functions, removing the need to create mocks or use dummy data.

Make Serverless Functions Fast

Serverless functions can suffer from a variety of performance issues, from cold starts and hanging HTTP calls to overly-complex computations.

Lightrun enables developers to debug live serverless functions with code-level metrics. This allows for deep, granular performance investigation from the level of a single line all the way to the whole function.

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