Reduce Logging Costs

With traditional logging, the only way around problems is only ever to add more logs, resulting in massive logging volumes and bills.

With Lightrun, you can dynamically add logs as and when you need them, slashing logging volumes and costs across the board.

Reduce log volumes by 60% and logging costs by up to 31%*

*Source: Lightrun’s Economic Impact on Enterprise Logging & Observability Costs

Slash Log Volumes And Costs

Logs are often used to create the sense of safety; developers end up writing logs for every conceivable situation to ensure they are covered, which sends log volumes (and costs!) spiralling.

However, Lightrun’s dynamic log capability means they can instead add incredibly precise, conditional log statements into a running application at any point.

Developers can eliminate most logs, instead adding new, granular log statements as and when they need them. This massively reduces logging volumes and costs.


How Lightrun Can Help

  • Reduce logging volumes by 60%: dynamically implement only the exact logs you need, as and when you need them


  • Reduce logging costs by 31%: with lower volumes, save on log ingestion, analysis and storage


  • Lightrun pays for itself in under five months: dynamic logging has much higher ROI than other forms of logging


Secure, Reliable and Performant

Whenever a Lightrun Action is sent, the inserted code is run in a dedicated sandbox before being added to your application.

The Lightrun Sandbox™ ensures there are no side effects or unexpected performance overhead to your application’s behaviour, verifying integrity, stability and security of the instrumentation.

Read our Lightrun Security White Paper to get a high-level overview of Lightrun’s security model, architecture and primary controls.


The Economic Impact Of Lightrun

Our Economic Impact on Enterprise Logging and Observability Costs report uses internal benchmarking and industry data to demonstrate the impact of Lightrun.

These are based on a large engineering team, working with a managed, centralised observability vendor on an application that involves 40TB of monthly ingested logs,
9B Monthly log events and a 30-day retention rate.


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