Get Straight To The
Root Cause

Developers spend up to 30% of their workday troubleshooting issues.

At the same time, customers experience long resolution cycles, with each incident
pushing the customer a little bit closer to churning at the next renewal.

Lightrun has been proven to help reduce MTTR (Mean-Time-To-Resolve)
by up to 60% in the first seven months of operation.

Instant Access To New, Dynamic Telemetry

Existing telemetry is often not sufficient to get to the root cause of the issue, forcing teams to write new logs and redeploy the application, which delays the resolution of the issue.

Lightrun allows developers to dynamically add new logs, metrics and traces in real-time and on-demand, removing the need to issue a new software version while troubleshooting.

Your team can instantly gather the information they need, get to the root of the issue and start resolving it immediately.


How Lightrun Slashes MTTR

  • Fix technical issues 60% faster: remove the need for constant redeployments just to add more logs


  • Improve customer experience: less downtime, fewer bugs and improved service


  • Increase developer productivity by up to 21%: your team can spend less time fixing bugs and more time creating new software


MTTR Case Studies

Don’t Compromise On Integrity

Whenever a Lightrun Action is sent, the inserted code is run in a dedicated sandbox before being added to your application.

The Lightrun Sandbox™ ensures there are no side effects or unexpected performance overhead to your application’s behaviour, verifying integrity, stability and security of the instrumentation.

Read our Lightrun Security White Paper to get a high-level overview of Lightrun’s security model, architecture and primary controls.


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