Dissolve CI/CD Bottlenecks

CI pipelines are no longer glorified test runners. They are complex, inter-dependent, code-heavy applications of core importance to the business of creating software.

Lightrun provides visibility into non-performant pipelines, right from the IDE:

  • Debug CI jobs without stopping them
  • No need to directly connect to the build agent
  • Debug integration tests, test setup and cleanup, broken tests and more

Illuminate The CI Pipeline

Lightrun enables developers to add logs, metrics, and traces to CI jobs whenever they spin up, without the need to re-trigger pipelines or directly connect to the build agent.

Instead, all Lightrun Actions:


  • Can be added to multiple jobs, simultaneously
  • Can be added to sleeping pipelines and be triggered when they trigger
  • Can be added to any pipeline, running on any CI platform
  • Are safe, read-only and performant
  • Can have their output routed to the IDE for easy consumption


Fix Broken CI Tests

It’s often difficult (if not completely impossible) to reproduce CI test failures in a local environment.

Lightrun helps developers debug pipelines inside the build agent, without having to set up the scenario locally. Fix performance issues, flaky tests, failing integration tests and more right from the IDE.


Debug Test Logistics

Lightrun is useful not only for debugging the tests themselves, but also the things that happen before and after the test takes place:


  • Debug test setup
  • Understand cleanup failures
  • Inspect artifacts mid-test


Get Down To Business

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