Dynamic, Code-level Metrics

Lightrun comes with a set of code-level metrics you can set in your live application in real time and on demand.

Measure the amount of time it took a section of code to execute, how many times a specific line was reached or the size of data structures over time – right from the IDE.

  • Set code-level metrics without stopping execution or losing state
  • Troubleshoot across AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, serverless, on-prem and more
  • Insert and consume metrics without ever leaving the IDE
  • All metrics can be sent to and visualized in your favorite APM
  • All metrics are performant, read-only and safe

Measure Your Code

Lightrun Metrics are more than just spans, traces and simple metrics. They allow you to capture many different quantitative measurements from your code:


  • Counter: count the amount of times a specific line in the code was reached
  • Method Duration: measure the execution time of a selected method
  • TicToc: measure the execution time of a block of code
  • Custom Metrics: export any numeric expression into a metric


Go Beyond Pre-Defined Telemetry

Lightrun takes an active approach to telemetry.

Instead of adding as many logs as possible to each of your services then figure out which pod emitted which log in production, only add the logs you need at runtime to the relevant pod(s).

This way, it’s easy to trace the exact path the application took in each step of execution.


Remote Clusters, Local Visibility

Lightrun works completely within the IDE, allowing you to ‘pop the hood’ of your application right next to its source code.

Every single Lightrun Action is added from the IDE and instrumented in real-time in your cluster, with its output automatically delivered to your IDE.

No scrolling through web-based GUIs, no terminals and no extra configuration required. It’s like using a debugger that just works, everywhere.


Deep Integrations

Every Lightrun metric emissions can be delivered to various observability integrations and visualized there:


  • Grafana and Prometheus Integration
  • StatsD Integration
  • Dynatrace Integration
  • Datadog Integration


See It For Yourself

We offer a fully-featured version of Lightrun on Kubernetes in our Playground.

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