Increase Developer Productivity

Lightrun liberates your developers from a major source of engineering toil: rather than spending hours logging everything and analyzing it later, we enable your developers to instantly log what they want, when they want it.

Allow your developers to be up to 21% more productive, reclaiming potentially millions* in value-add work.

Source: Lightrun’s Economic Impact on Enterprise Logging & Observability Costs

Delight Your Developers

Developers love being creative: crafting beautiful features, developing innovative solutions and building platforms that truly matter.

In reality, much of their time is being spent staring at endless logs and trying to extract valuable bits of information from them – one query at a time.

Lightrun allows developers to get the telemetry in real time, on demand and straight from their IDE – removing distractions and giving them more time to focus on value-add work.


How Lightrun Can Help

  • Improve developer productivity by 21%: Eliminate non-value-add work and free up time and energy


  • Save 120,000 developer hours per year: By eliminating delays and frictions thousands of developer’s hours can be reclaimed


  • Save nearly $650k per year in reclaimed work: Hours saved can be redirected towards value-add work


Dynamic Telemetry, Straight To Your IDE

Typically, when developers need new logs, they have to write them, push to CI and get a cup of coffee while the application is being redeployed. Finally, they dive into the APM in search of the right log (with no guarantee it will help them solve the issue at hand).

Lightrun is the world’s first Developer Observability Platform. It works completely within the development environment: every Lightrun Action can be instrumented and consumed from the same interface the application code is written in.

That means that your developers can seamlessly get the telemetry they need – without ever leaving their code.


Taboola Case Study: Summary

  • Challenge: Difficulties reproducing production issues on local machines as well as time spent redeploying the application meant incident resolution would take hours, with each minute of downtime costing thousands.


  • Solution: Taboola use Lightrun to issue conditional snapshots relevant to specific information requests without sifting through endless logs, as well as real-time code-level metrics to identify bottlenecks in real time.


  • Business Outcome: The Taboola team was able to slash their MTTR from hours to minutes and save 260+ debugging hours a month with Lightrun


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