Truly Native Developer Observability

Lightrun’s Developer Observability Platform enables developers to add logs, metrics and snapshots to live applications – without having to release a new version or even stop the running process.

Add more telemetry on demand and see application output in real time, without ever leaving the IDE. Rinse and repeat as needed.

  • Works in cloud-native applications, Kubernetes, bare metal and serverless
  • Secure, read-only instrumentation
  • Natively integrated into your existing development workflows

Real-Time Insights In The IDE

Instead of retroactively analyzing existing telemetry, Lightrun enables developers to add new logs, snapshots and metrics straight from the IDE, without stopping the running application.

It’s a whole new kind of observability, designed from the ground up to work for developers.


More Than Just Logs

Lightrun Actions take familiar, well-known tools and give them a fresh twist:

  • Lightrun Snapshots: virtual breakpoints that capture the entire context – including variable values, objects and arrays – without stopping the live application
  • Lightrun Metrics: ‘Tic’ and ‘Toc’ markers, that enable you to measure how much time any segment of code took to execute



Lightrun’s Sandbox™ is a proprietary mechanism that ensures that the stability, integrity and performance of your application are perfectly maintained.

In addition, we take security and the privacy of user data very seriously: Lightrun is fully compliant with the ISO-27001, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA and GDPR standards.


Built For Cloud Native

Lightrun was built with the cloud in mind. The Lightrun SDK can be deployed to microservices, serverless and other cloud-native technologies quickly and easily.

Lightrun’s architecture is built in a way that eliminates the need for port forwarding and/or opening inbound ports, thus allowing for a smooth operation across infrastructure domains.


Why Lightrun Is Unique

Lightrun’s Developer Observability Platform is a new way to gain deep, real-time insights into what’s going on in your live applications.

It differs substantially from existing approaches. You have to compare and contrast Lightrun with traditional approaches to grasp the power of this way of working.


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