Progressive Feature Flag Debugging

When a feature flag is activated, the state of the system can change in ways that are not easily predictable. Lightrun allows you to take rich, conditional snapshots at every toggle flip, providing full visibility into the progressive delivery process.

  • Place virtual logging ‘flags‘ inside each flag
  • Get debugger-grade visibility into each rollout, without stopping execution
  • Supports AppConfig, LaunchDarkly,, and custom feature flag tools

Full Visibility Of Any Flag

Lightrun enables you to place Snapshots – essentially virtual breakpoints – inside any flag-created branch. All the classic features you know from the debugger, plus many more, are available in every snapshot, which:


  • Can be added to multiple instances, simultaneously
  • Can be added conditionally, without writing new code
  • Provides full-syntax expression evaluation
  • Is safe, read-only and performant
  • Can be placed, viewed and edited right from the IDE


Real-Time, Flag-First Logging

Lightrun offers conditional logs that can be instrumented in real-time, without having to redeploy this application.

Flow through the execution and watch your application’s state change with every flag flip using real user data, right from the IDE, without having to add endless ‘if/else’ statements in the process.


Never Interrupt A Rollout

Lightrun’s Logs, Snapshots, and Metrics never change your application’s state and never interfere with the application’s execution.

Every action, instrumentation and evaluation are carefully examined by the Lightrun SDK™, ensuring the integrity and continuity of your deployments.


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