See Inside The Black Box

Getting a sense of what’s actually happening inside a live application is a frustrating experience, one that relies mostly on querying and observing whatever logs were written during development.

Lightrun is a Developer Observability Platform, allowing developers to add telemetry to live applications in real time, on demand and right from the IDE.

  • Instantly add logs to, set metrics, and take snapshots of live applications
  • Insights delivered straight to your IDE or CLI
  • Works where you do: dev, QA, staging, CI/CD, and production

Code With Confidence

Writing high-quality software is challenging work.

When working in any large enough codebase, there will be entire sections of the code that are unfamiliar. And connecting the dots between these sections can be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor.

Lightrun is akin to a powerful observability torch, illuminating the darkest corners of the application. It enables developers to ask questions and get instantaneous answers without having to redeploy a full CI/CD cycle just to see a single log line.


Never Leave The IDE

What’s happening inside a live application and that application’s code should be visible alongside each other.

Lightrun was built on the concept that Developer Observability should provide as much granularity as possible without compromising on familiar IDE ergonomics or requiring endless configuration steps.

Get debugger-grade information without ever attaching a debugger to your live applications.


Address A Huge Range Of Challenging Use Cases

Lightrun is a universal troubleshooting tool, geared at modern as well as legacy applications across multiple domains and architectures.

It can make developer’s lives significantly easier across a huge range of challenging use cases, including but not limited to:


  • Debugging multi-instance applications
  • Understanding batch processing failures
  • Troubleshooting API errors
  • Troubleshooting application transaction issues
  • Investigating database / persistence problems
  • Tuning application performance


Accelerate Boring Tasks

As developers, every minute we spend in configuration or setup mode is time not being spent actively creating new value: writing new features for our users or researching more effective ways to perform a task.

Lightrun speeds up the development process by allowing you to add logs, metrics, and traces to live, running applications and get the output piped directly into your IDE.


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