How Lightrun Works

Lightrun is a 3-tier platform:

  • The Lightrun Client (IDE Plugin/CLI) allows developers to add new logs, snapshots
    and metrics
  • The Lightrun SDK™ is bundled with every live application instance and is in charge
    of instrumenting the live application with new telemetry
  • The Lightrun Management Server holds the state of the system and provides an
    interface for administrators to configure Lightrun’s privacy and security controls

Lightrun’s 3-tier topology provides a fast, easy and secure way to
implement Developer Observability in your organization.

The Lightrun Client

All Lightrun Actions can be added from any supported Lightrun client, which include:



The Lightrun SDK™

The Lightrun SDK™ instruments Lightrun Actions inside running applications, periodically connecting to the Lightrun Management Server in order to request commands.

Every Lightrun SDK™ comes pre-packaged with the Lightrun Sandbox™, which ensures the stability, integrity and performance of your live application are maintained.


The Lightrun Management Server

The Lightrun Management Server is the intermediary between the Lightrun SDK™ and the Lightrun clients. It is in charge of coordinating Lightrun Actions as well as privacy and security controls, including PII redaction, blocklisting, RBAC and a system-wide audit trail.

Note: the Lightrun Management Server never processes, stores or sends your source code to any third party.


Deploying Lightrun

Lightrun comes in four deployment flavors:


  • Multi-Tenant SaaS Deployment: use a management server hosted on shared infrastructure
  • Single-Tenant SaaS Deployment: use a Lightrun-hosted, private management server
  • Private Deployment In The Cloud: use a privately exposed (not accessible from the public internet) management server, on a dedicated AWS account
  • Fully Air-Gapped, On-Premise Deployment: use a self-hosted management server, without exposing any data to the outside world


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