Improve Reachability Assessment by 5X, Reduce CVE False Positives
by 90%

Source: How to Prioritize and Remediate Vulnerabilities 5x Faster with Dynamic Observability and Lightrun

Dynamic Observability in Runtime

Developers can boost their productivity, address high-priority security issues faster, and create safer production code by adopting a dynamic observability solution as part of their vulnerability prioritization process. The optimized process outlined below can help achieve these goals.

  1. Receive CVE alert via SCA tool or equivalent.
  2. Determine the impact and reachability of the vulnerability on the actual deployment.
  3. Re-prioritize CVEs remediation based on actual exploitability at runtime

To learn more about how to remediate CVEs coming from SCA tools and reduce risks to your business, read the following article from
The New Stack Here.


Shift Left DevSecOps

Enable runtime observability for developers to detect CVE exploitation with conditional logs and virtual breakpoints. This enhances productivity by allowing focus on high-severity and high-impact CVEs, ensuring code safety in production across various users and environments

Reduce Reachability and Noise from CVEs

Lightrun enables your developers to query their live application to determine whether the vulnerabilities resides in a live code path, how often it could be invoked and what users it might affect.

Rather than assuming that all threats are equal, developers can check to see which libraries are running that code in production and prioritize fixing those libraries first.

Lightrun is the world’s first Developer Observability Platform. It works completely within the development environment: every Lightrun Action can be instrumented and consumed from the same interface the application code is written in.

That means that your developers can seamlessly get the telemetry they need – without ever leaving their code.


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