Improve DORA Metrics

DORA metrics are an essential measurement of software development excellence for organisations looking to modernize.

Lightrun works at every stage of the software development lifecycle to reduce friction, delays and bottlenecks, improving all key DORA metrics:

  • Deployment frequency
  • Lead time for changes
  • Change failure rate
  • Mean-time-to-resolve

Rapid And Reliable Deployments

Deployments can feel like a nerve-wracking task: it’s hard to bring together all changes from all developers into a coherent, working artifact.

By increasing deployment frequency, teams can iterate faster on their products, deliver better service and respond quicker to bugs and technical issues.

Lightrun gives developers instant code-level feedback when debugging broken CI tests – including during setup and cleanup – removing the need for local reproduction and reducing the time it takes to deploy.


Keep Customers Happy

When developers don’t have the correct logs, it’s significantly harder for them fix the bug at hand and, more importantly, get a better understanding of other bugs hiding in the same place.

Lightrun eliminates informational gaps, helping developers write great software first time round, reducing the need for fixes in the first place.

By improving runtime visibility, Lightrun can significantly reduce the lead time for changes and minimize context switching on behalf of the developer.


Make Changes A Non-Issue

Development is a complex activity: there are many moving parts and unknown unknowns.

And it is this ecosystem of intricate relationships that determines the quality of your software. The more unknowns there are, the greater the chance of something failing in a way that couldn’t have been foreseen.

Lightrun empowers developers to dynamically investigate and eliminate these unknowns in real-time. In this way, potential sources of problems are minimized and the likelihood that any given change will fail drops significantly.


Resolve Issues At Lightspeed

Typically, when something goes wrong, developers need to review a mountain of logs, only to discover that they don’t quite have the information they need. This means writing new logs, with all the delays that entails, while the bug goes unfixed.

Lightrun allows developers to dynamically add precise, granular logs, metrics, and snapshots, eliminating the need to wander through someone else’s logs, reproduce bugs locally or issue a new software version when troubleshooting.

Your team can instantly gather exactly the information they need, get to the root of the issue, and start resolving it immediately.


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