On-Demand Snapshots

Lightrun Snapshots are virtual breakpoints that use the same familiar interface
but without stopping execution.

  • Add conditions, evaluate expressions, and inspect any code-level object
  • Troubleshoot across AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, serverless, on-prem and more
  • Insert and consume snapshots without ever leaving the IDE
  • All snapshots are performant, read-only, and safe
  • Share snapshots with other developers using various integrations

Add Virtual Breakpoints

Lightrun enables developers to add snapshots – a kind of virtual breakpoint – to live applications without needing to restart, redeploy or even stop the live application.

Instead, all Lightrun Snapshots:


  • Can be added to multiple applications, simultaneously
  • Can be added based on a variety of code-level conditions
  • Can be added pre-execution and triggered when the code is invoked
  • Are safe, read-only, and performant
  • Debug across AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, serverless, on-prem and more


Hit Multiple Breakpoints Continuously

Lightrun Snapshots do not break the application, resulting in a familiar (yet slightly different) debugger-like experience.

Instead of stopping the execution at each breakpoint, when an execution hits a Lightrun Snapshot it does not stop but continues, allowing the next execution to also hit the snapshot right after it.

In that way, snapshots can be compared and contrasted to show the change over time in variables and data structures.


Code-Level Alerts

Each Lightrun Action is invoked when the specific location in the code is reached during execution.

This means that developers can be alerted when a specific section of code runs, offering a deeper level of connection to the running application than any other comparable tool.


Remote Applications, Local Visibility

Lightrun works completely within the IDE, allowing you to ‘pop the hood’ of your application right next to its source code.

Every single Lightrun Snapshot is added from the IDE and instrumented in real-time in your live applications. Once it’s instrumented, it can be viewed in your IDE or shared using one of our various integrations.


See It For Yourself

We offer a fully-featured version of Lightrun on Kubernetes in our Playground.

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