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Mar 1, 2023
As organizations are adopting more of the FinOps foundation practices and trying to optimize their cloud-computing costs, engineering…
May 28, 2024

Unlock The Power of Dynamic Instrumentation for Enhanced Software Observability

In software development, dynamic instrumentation is a powerful linchpin between the development and debugging workflows. With software complexity…
May 19, 2024

Maximizing Developer Efficiency and Secure User Management: The Power of Lightrun Agent Pools

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of modern application development, managing telemetry across diverse environments and technologies can be…
Apr 15, 2024

Mastering Live Debugging Techniques: A Must-Have Guide for Developers

Software debugging has undergone many transcendental shifts. These shifts are as fascinating as the transition from the biological…
Mar 14, 2024

The 7 Most Common Python Debugging Challenges and How to Handle Them

Python: Literally Out of This World According to PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language), Python has been the most…

Advancing Observability Maturity: Core Benefits

Introduction One of the major trends in software development in the last decade has been “shifting left” responsibilities…
Jan 3, 2024

Lightrun LogOptimizer Gets A Developer Productivity and Logging Cost Reduction Boost

What is Lightrun's LogOptimizer Lightrun's LogOptimizer stands as a groundbreaking automated solution for log optimization and cost reduction…
Live Debugging for Critical Systems
Oct 23, 2023

Live Debugging for Critical Systems

Live debugging refers to debugging software while running in production without causing any downtime. It has gained popularity…
Oct 19, 2023

Why Real-Time Debugging Becomes Essential in Platform Engineering

Introduction Platform engineering has been one of the hottest keywords in the software community in recent years. As…
Oct 18, 2023

Troubleshooting Cloud Native Applications at Runtime

Co-Authored with Gilles Ramone (Chronosphere) Chronosphere and Lightrun demonstrate how their combined solutions empower developers with optimized end-to-end…
Live Debugging - Advanced Techniques
Oct 10, 2023

Debugging Modern Applications: Advanced Techniques

Today's applications are designed to be always available and serve users 24/7. Performing live debugging on such applications…
Effective Remote Debugging in PyCharm
Oct 3, 2023

Effective Remote Debugging in PyCharm

In a previous post, we looked at the remote debugging features of Visual Studio Code and how Lightrun…

Lightrun’s Product Updates – Q3 2023

Throughout the third quarter of this year, Lightrun continued its efforts to develop a multitude of solutions and…

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