The Lightrun IDE Plugin

An observability joystick and dashboard in one, Lightrun’s feature-packed suite of IDE Plugins ensure developers never have to leave the IDE in order to pop the hood on their live applications.

Using the Lightrun IDE Plugin, developers can create, share and observe Lightrun Actions with each other as if they were sitting in the office together.

Never Leave The IDE Again

Lightrun’s IDE plugins are completely self-contained, enabling true full-cycle observability for developers:


  • Create New Telemetry: Lightrun Logs, Metrics and Snapshots can be added directly from the IDE, without having to push to CI/CD or create a new release
  • Consume Information: all Lightrun output can be piped directly into the Lightrun Console, speeding up the investigation process significantly
  • Stay In The Code: Lightrun’s IDE Plugins allows developers to experience observability right inside the editor, simultaneously writing the code and observing the application


Observability Across All Environments

Lightrun’s IDE Plugins allows developers to interact with all the environments where their code is running. There is no extra configuration required in order to add a Lightrun Action to a Lightrun SDK™, regardless of where that application is running.

That means that if the same piece of code runs in an Azure VM and in an Amazon EC2 instance, you would be able to add a Lightrun Action to either or both of them, at the same time, with only a couple of keystrokes.


No Source Code Access

We respect the time and effort you put into building your application and will never risk it.

Lightrun’s plugins rely on the IDE’s own indexing capabilities in order to understand what a developer does. We never ask for direct access to your source code.

Furthermore, no source code is ever transmitted over the wire – only file name and line numbers – to determine where to place Lightrun’s actions in your code.


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