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Multi-argument custom query invalidation doesn't seem to work

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Issue Description

In a project, I have lists of entities called “hypotheses” that need to be refreshed via live queries. These lists are fetched using the following query:

type Query {
    project: ID!
    law: Int
    filters: ListFiltersInput!
  ): HypothesisPage!

Hypotheses are tied to specific “laws” (identified by integers). The second argument law can be null which returns all hypotheses regardless of their laws. I’m trying to invalidate based on a custom index that looks like this:

  field: "Query.hypotheses",
  args: ["project", "law"]

Here is the document I use on the frontend:

export const HypothesesQuery = gql`

  query Hypotheses($project: ID!, $law: Int, $filters: ListFiltersInput!)
    @live {
    hypotheses(project: $project, law: $law, filters: $filters) {

Now when creating an hypothesis with a createHypothesis mutation (resolver is successfully called), the following invalidation doesn’t work:


(project._id.toHexString() has the correct value) Any idea of what’s going on? Thank you.

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

strblrcommented, May 16, 2022

You would still have the hard-coded double quotes, which can bring weird indices collision. For example imagine a nullable query argument of type String: null and "null" would serialize to the same index.

n1ru4lcommented, May 16, 2022

I see your point, in that case, JSON.stringify (aka might be the best solution. 🤔

I think adding json-stable-stringify as a dependency should be fine.

@strblr Would you like to create a PR with some tests and an implementation?

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