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[Feature request] Global validation error model override

See original GitHub issue

It would be really cool to not only be able to override the validation_error_status globally but also the validation error model. e.g.

spectree.spec.SpecTree(..., validation_error_model=MyPydanticErrorModel)

What do you think? I would be happy to contribute.


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dfkki123508commented, Sep 18, 2022

No this is not what I mean 😄 Sorry, for the confusion. I try to explain in a different way: This line adds the validation error to the responses which is later used in spec._generate_spec. So the api docs for every endpoint (not overriding 422 response) will look like this:

                $ref: '#/components/schemas/ValidationError.6a07bef'

So I want to tell spectree to use a custom model by default instead of the standard validation error.

Does this make it clearer? Thanks for your answers.

dfkki123508commented, Nov 22, 2022

Awesome thanks!

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