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First blob comes as text / html. Expected audio/webm

See original GitHub issue

I’m recording and generating the blobUrl, to store I’m turning it into a file, but halfway through I realized that the blob is coming as text / html.

This is my handle code:

 const handleBlob = async () => { 
    let blob = await fetch(mediaBlobUrl).then(r => r.blob());
    console.log("[REC BLOB URL]", blob)

    let fileBlob = new File([blob], new Date().toISOString()+"_recording.webm" ,{ type: "audio/webm" })
    return fileBlob

The first thing that the “REC BLOB URL” return is this:


And render this:


If i take that file link, for some reason what comes is a video.


Also, when I try to record another audio, the result is an audio / webm, however with the content of the previous audio.

That is, if I record a 10s audio for the first time (when a text / html is returned), when I record again what comes is this 10s audio (regardless of how long I recorded). And it remains. Audios always come late, always with the content of the previously recorded.

Why does it happen? OBS: Im using redux and socket to send this to a chat.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8 (1 by maintainers)

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oberdan-devcommented, Aug 26, 2022

Hello, use onStop callback as below:

  const blobToFile = (theBlob: Blob, fileName: string): File => {
    return new File([theBlob as Blob], fileName, {
      lastModified: new Date().getTime(),
      type: theBlob.type,

  const { status, startRecording, stopRecording, clearBlobUrl } =
      audio: true,
      stopStreamsOnStop: true,
      blobPropertyBag: {
        type: "audio/webm",
      onStop: async (blobUrl, blob) => {
        const file = blobToFile(blob, "audio.webm");
Guuri11commented, Sep 21, 2022

Finally I could fix it! onStop callback worked for me. My guess for the blob coming as text/html is because doing the fetch when the blob is not created yet, check the value of blobUrl before the fetch.

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