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why CustomAttribute `Parent` column ` HasCustomAttribute` is different with ECMA335 ? and what is last two 0?

See original GitHub issue

ecma 22.10 say CustomAttribute Parent column HasCustomAttribute:

• Parent (an index into any metadata table, except the CustomAttribute table itself; more precisely, a HasCustomAttribute (§24.2.6) coded index)

why in dnlib is only 24 table ? and last two is 0?

public static readonly CodedToken HasCustomAttribute = new CodedToken(5, new Table[24] {
	Table.Method, Table.Field, Table.TypeRef, Table.TypeDef,
	Table.Param, Table.InterfaceImpl, Table.MemberRef, Table.Module,
	Table.DeclSecurity, Table.Property, Table.Event, Table.StandAloneSig,
	Table.ModuleRef, Table.TypeSpec, Table.Assembly, Table.AssemblyRef,
	Table.File, Table.ExportedType, Table.ManifestResource, Table.GenericParam,
	Table.GenericParamConstraint, Table.MethodSpec, 0, 0,

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

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WillDawnlllcommented, Dec 31, 2021

sorry , dnlib is same with ECMA335, I set wrong HasCustomAttribute relate tables .so table bits calculate wrong … thanks for help again.

WillDawnlllcommented, Dec 31, 2021

yes, but in dnlib ,maxRows compare with total 0xffff , is that mean all 16bits coded rid and no bit for table index? i notice some .net pe use 2bytes for coded index column , and one of relate coded table row number > remaining byte(for rid) , in ECMA335 it should be 4bytes , but in dnlib is 2bytes , and these files seem like dnlib is right .

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