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Backend signature verification

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Hello, We’re currently trying to implement an authentication workflow using the user’s wallet signature. We’ve managed to do it in the frontend side, but we’re now struggling to implement its verification on the backend side.

Verifying the signature isn’t a problem on the frontend since we do have the account instance so we can use account.verifyMessage. How to do it on the backend side though ? Since we do not have the account instance. We’ve thought about instanciating a new signer corresponding to the account on the backend and verifying the signature using this one, but we can’t instanciate this signer without the account’s public key, that we do not manage to get in the frontend, the account’s signer’s pubkey being null.

What are we doing wrong ? How can we fix this ?


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gianlukk994commented, Sep 26, 2022

@ivpavici Many thanks for your help here and on Discord! @Agostin, thanks for the link!

ivpavicicommented, Sep 26, 2022

@Agostin @gianlukk994 I honestly don’t know, but I didn’t hear anything change about this in the meantime… so I guess this is how it works (on-chain)

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