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AsyncUnzipInflate fails on a zip file created by AsyncZipDeflate that contains a zip file

See original GitHub issue

How to reproduce

  1. Create a zip file using a standard tool, or zipSync.
  2. Use AsyncZipDeflate to add that zip file to a new zip file
  3. Try to unzip using AsyncUnzipInflate
const fs = require('fs')
const { zipSync, Zip, Unzip, AsyncZipDeflate, AsyncUnzipInflate } = require('fflate')

function unzip (zipPath) {
  const zipped = fs.readFileSync(zipPath)
  const unzipper = new Unzip(stream => {
    const fileWriteStream = createWriteStream(`out_${}`)
    stream.ondata = (err, chunk, final) => {
      if (err !== null) throw err
      if (final) fileWriteStream.end()
  unzipper.push(zipped, true)

function streamZipAndUnzip (inputPath) {
  const outputPath = `stream_zipped_${inputPath}.zip`
  const writeStream = fs.createWriteStream(outputPath)
  writeStream.once('finish', () => unzip(outputPath))

  const zip = new Zip((err, data, final) => {
    if (err !== null) throw err
    if (final) writeStream.end()

  const file = new AsyncZipDeflate(inputPath)
  file.push(fs.readFileSync(inputPath), true)


function zipAndUnzip (inputPath) {
  const outputPath = `zipped_${inputPath}.zip`
  const zipped = zipSync({
    [inputPath]: fs.readFileSync(inputPath)
  fs.writeFileSync(outputPath, zipped)

// Zipping and unzipping a plain JPG seems to work

// Unzipping a zip file containing another zip file - both created using an off-the-shelf tool - seems to work

// Using zipSync to zip a zip file and then unzipping seems to work

// Using AsyncZipDeflate to zip a zip file - fails when unzipping with "Error: invalid distance"

The problem

Error: invalid distance when unzipping a zip file created using AsyncZipDeflate which contains another zip file.

It seems that when unzipping the outer zip file, it also tries to unzip the inner zip file, which is surprising behaviour? truck.jpg

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

101arrowzcommented, Mar 23, 2022

Fixed the SWC minification problems at some point, don’t remember when but SWC minification is not an issue anymore.

DustinBrettcommented, Mar 23, 2022

Great! Cause I’d forgot about that issue and started using swcMinify again anyway. 😃

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